Mum's the Word

Over the 15 years of twice annual Open Studios the artists at Stockwell Studios have collected names and addresses in their signing - in books of the former users of the Annie McCall maternity hospital; mothers, children and midwives. Some of the chidren are now in their 60s and return to the studios every year for the shows.

Between January 2003 and the present, Stockwell Studios artist Adrian Palka has produced an oral history of personal reminiscences of some of the mothers as a way of preserving their memories. The project is on going. The complete work will comprise of tapes, video recordings, and documentation and will be lodged at the Minet Library and National Sound Archive for permanent reference. The collaboration of the artist with the mothers is also a celebration of the creativity which the building has embodied, first through maternity wards and childbirth, and later as artists studios.